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Fiduciary Services
Fiduciary services encompass a range of financial and legal assistance aimed at enabling individuals, businesses, and organizations to handle their assets and finances responsibly and effectively. At SC Mauritius, our clients benefit from these services provided by our preferred partners. The scope of fiduciary services is broad, covering various activities such as estate planning, wills and trusts, executorship and administration, investment management, and tax planning.
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Finance & Fund Raising
Our approach is to help connect the Africa focused portfolios of both the global investor and broad based financial institutions community to selected business opportunities in Africa seeking capital. The form of capital raised ranges from Venture Capital and Private Equity, to structured debt finance including the provision of risk mitigation products to both credit enhance, as well as mitigate applicable exogenous risks present for both investor and borrower.
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Risk Management
Having a sound risk management plan is essential for the long-term success of any business. At SC Mauritius, we recognize the importance of this fundamental aspect and strive to assist our clients in mitigating generic and potentially disastrous risks. Our mission is to help our clients manage risk within their business. This risk management function is performed alongside the legal liability insurance policies to ensure that you are protected from any potential liabilities.
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Having a sound risk management plan is essential for the long-term success of any business.
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