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SC Mauritius has established strong partnerships with local and international insurers and underwriters. We have the rare ability to use local insurance markets as well as offshore international markets through the likes of Lloyds.

Southern Cross Lifestyle and Legacy is an independent and privately held Investment Advisory Firm offering a wide range of solutions including financial and tax planning, capital solutions and lending, fiduciary services, offshore and local investment management, business consulting, foreign exchange services, as well as lifestyle benefits. They are an independent financial services provider utilising products and access investments across all providers in South Africa and abroad.

SC Mauritius works closely with Osiris International Group. Through our cooperation with expert fiduciary service providers, we maximise the benefits that trusts offer, making full use of our global network to find the structure that works best for your legacy. We are able to facilitate company structuring globally, as well as wealth management and advice for individuals and families across jurisdictions and over generations. This can often involve assisting with the relocation of families and or their wealth.

SC Mauritius has partnered with African Alpha Investment Partners (AAIP) to help develop investment opportunities on the continent. Our aim is to selectively apply capital to projects and companies across Africa. We connect Investors and Projects. Our clients are African companies or projects that need financing and international companies looking to develop African strategies as well as investors looking for opportunities to put capital to work in the region.

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